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Hoover Leash Law
Saturday, 16 August 2008 17:23



Since the annexation into Hoover, all homeowners are subject to the Hoover Leash Law, Ordinance No. 88-695. (A copy of this ordinance is available at the Municipal Court building).

The City of Hoover regularly patrols the area for dogs that are not appropriately confined in an area such as a pen or fenced in yard to prevent escape.

Running at large is in violation of the Law. Occasionally our pets may become loose by accident; it can happen to any owner. Yet the Hoover Dog Catcher is not going to question whether it is accidental or purposeful. A loose dog to them is in violation. The Law also includes guidelines for proper inoculation, vicious animals, and for excessive noise.

Please make sure that your animal has a name tag listing name and phone number in case of emergency or it gets lost.

If you have a problem with any of the above violations and do not get satisfaction from discussion with your neighbor, you can call the city of Hoover Public Works Department at 444-7543 to report a habitual violation. When calling, please ask for the Animal Control organization. (For emergency assistance after 3:30pm. Contact the Hoover Police Department at 822-5300).

This information is being distributed to all Russet Woods and Southwood homeowners. For the welfare of our dogs, the safety of our children, and to keep our trash from being duped over, let’s all be considerate of our neighbors by taking responsibility for our pets and complying with the Hoover Lease Law.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 More Hoover City Information.


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